Swimming on behalf of Habitat for Humanity

Feeling alive and refreshed and thrilled to be doing the Mighty Mac Swim on behalf of Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity. Here’s an article about the swim. And, yes, that’s me, Kate Oatis, happy to be raising money for this great organization. If you’d like to contribute, just click in and type in my name.

Thank you just for being here!

In the swim for homes

Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity’s the beneficiary of ALL the money raised by those who will swim across the Mackinac Straits September 7 of this year. It’s a four-mile swim in rough, cold water — and I can’t wait!

We have to raise $2,800, of which I’ve raised about $1,000. If the spirit moves you to donate, please click in and type my name (Kate Oatis) in the space provided. And, if you’re wondering if the swim is legitimate, Google Mighty Mac Swim and you’ll see. Remember: ALL the donations go to Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity.

Love that you’re here. Love that you’re in the world. Do something you enjoy. Keep a song in your heart.

Swimming is bliss

During my swim this morning, it occurred to me — again — how much I enjoy my community at the pool. John was there, swimming his heart out. Had a stroke several months ago and has lost 60 pounds just from swimming. He’s working so hard on that paralyzed left side that it’s now working for him. Shakespeare (my nickname for him, since he’s a fan) was there, as he is faithfully each morning, doing his laps and sharing quips. Tadeusz from Poland was there as was our mutual pool pal, Hamid, from Lebanon. And, Pat, the lifeguard, with his stories. Cousin Pam was there, too, swimming efficiently and strongly and sharing some words in the therapy pool after we both finished.

All is beautiful. And, each mile is carrying me closer to my goal: the Mighty Mac Swim, September 7.

Swimming for my life

Was back in the pool this morning to do an easy swim. Really grateful this pesky bronchitis bug is backing down. My swim gave me much joy, and I followed it with a wonderful 30 minutes in the warm pool.

Training for the Mighty Mac Swim, which is September 7.

Feeling motivated — and lucky.

Swimming for it

The Mackinac Bridge (connects lower to upper Michigan) and I share a birthday. That’s just one reason I’m planning to swim across the Straits on September 7, which is also the annual Labor Day walk across the bridge. The event is the Mighty Mac Swim.

I have to raise about $2,800 for Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity in Michigan, $700 of which is due by February 28 or I’m bounced off the team.


So, if a little whim catches your fancy and you’d like to help me out, please visit Might Mac Swim’s website, and type in my name (Kate Oatis) next to the donate button to make a donation.

Thank you!

Training for a swim

Started my training for the Labor Day 2015 Mackinac Straits swim. OK, so I’m 165th on the waiting list. AND, I’m also optimistic. They’re opening the swim up to more swimmers — and I hope to be one of them.

So far, I am swimming just every other day and on the off days lifting and walking. Will move to two miles per swim next week, with some kicks and drills.

That bridge and that body of water have played a big part in my life, from the time I was born. I’d be thrilled and honored to do the swim.