I love people who get outside during winter and embrace it! Cross-country skiing, playing hockey, snowshoeing, ice sailing, downhill skiing. I ask you: What’s not to love? Especially during this glorious winter. We’ve had so much sun, it’s been fabulous. Am hoping we have more winters like this. Sure beats the middling temps and gray skies of past years.

p.s. I don’t know these people. Just did a search for a pic with snowshoes and liked this one for all their good winter energy!snowshoe

Winter’s glory

I don’t remember a prettier winter. Honestly, this sun, that snow, those amazing branches and trees.

In awe. And, smiling with each peek out the window while I’m working.

Snow hike

After a hike to look at what the snow is doing to the trees — and it’s beautiful, of course — this piece of music feels appropriate.


Wintry wonder

There’s no ambivalence. I love winter. And, we’re having a good one: lots of snow, sun, cold, blue skies. Perfect for hiking in the woods and snuggling in with movies and books. So grateful for my neighbor, who’s generous with his time and snowthrower. My driveway is clean, thanks to him.

I do worry about the elderly in this weather. Will be calling Jane, my 96-year-old friend. She’s very independent — “Kate! I’m doing fine!” I’ll call her just the same.

Weather guy just said we’re in for a very cold week.

Brrrrrrring it.

In every way, a gorgeous day

There is so much beauty in the world. This morning, for example, a friend and I hiked along the river, enjoying the sun’s lovely glance off seven inches of fluffy snow. We saw birds and ice and winter weeds. And a wide expanse of pretty, pretty blue sky.

Beauty is the answer to everything.

Blue skies and snowshine

A beautiful winter morning is the absolute best. Enough! I can’t resist its pull. Been working for four hours — going out for a walk.

Can you feel its power? Or, are you afraid to venture into its cold beauty?



It’s snowing

There is nothing so lovely as the woods in snowfall, with those naked trees sporting their very cold white.

Beautiful winter, I embrace you.

Snow appeal

On the hunt for good hiking boots. Vasque, probably. Want to get out this winter and enjoy crisp air and snowshine. Good books, good music, good movies, good friends and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. My winter, in a nutshell.

It’s snowing, over there,
making all things beautiful,
especially the trees with their dark limbs and rootedness.
On being and nothingness, they’ve not much to say.