Great projects, fun energy!

LOVE cleaning up websites by editing and producing content. Just do. Makes me smile, gives me energy. Why that is, I’ve no idea. But, each time someone hires me to produce or prune their content, my heart starts to beat a little faster.

So funny.

Water and words. Just fun!

Invitations to prune

Love being hired to edit website content. Editing of all kinds is just fun. Like sculpting, maybe. Finding the good stuff by getting rid of the not-so-good.

Editing is bliss

A couple of meetings, one interview and a short article winnowed among some editing work. Nice day ahead. And lovely morning, with its fresh self preening after what looks to have been a really nice rain. The geraniums look happy and refreshed. The sun is making its slow way upward. Mornings make me smile. Best wishes for a good day ahead, you — and you!