Today there were sun and water and birdsong and old friends and a niece returned from Paris and a nephew who was excited to show me his pictures of San Francisco.

Today there were flipturns during my nearly mile swim.

Today I finished a book. And today I decided to send my daughter the book I bought her after I read it. I love buying her used books, and I think she enjoys receiving them.

Grateful for all of it. Connection, blessedness.

Joyful, joyful

Swimming with a group earlyearlyearly this morning in an outdoor pool with five lap lanes.


Swimming is often meditative, always rewarding.

And I really, really love it.

A happy heart

At 84, he remembers my place in his son’s life as if it were yesterday. We laugh, we talk — today, for two hours. My heart soars during and after our visits. Before leaving I want to crawl into his arms to tell him I’ve loved him and his family for as long as I’ve known them, that there is never enough time.

There are no words to convey my gratitude for this opportunity to re-connect. Life is beautiful when the heart takes the lead.


it is important to watch the snail inch along at its own pace
far more important than noticing each star

as it lands or shoots across the sky

thank you

tonight i will read a book my daughter recently read

she is very intelligent and given to reading good books every
chance she gets

Appreciating the view

One of the things I remember most about my mother is the way she appreciated her life. She knew she was lucky. She used to say, “I always wonder why I was born where I was born and into the family I was born in. Why wasn’t I born in Ethiopia?” or wherever the world’s most recent tragedy had played out. She was right to be aware of her good fortune. She was right to mark her days with gratitude. The sun is so bright today, glancing off the snow. It’s blinding.