I hear them through my windows

A busy day of swimming, enjoying the sun, working in my yard, working on some editing projects, cleaning my house and listening to beautiful bird music. They sing all day long — and I love it.

Though this isn’t my video, it features what I hear all day. Delightful!

Lucky, lucky me.


A winter hike

Two pairs of socks, two caps, two pairs of gloves, hiking poles, a thick wool sweater, a cotton turtleneck and a really good pair of Merrells. That’s what it took to get me outdoors today for a several miles’ hike. And, it was glorious.

Saw five deer, several squirrels, one gorgeous Blue Jay and maybe 20 geese swimming in the watery part of an otherwise frozen river.

Delighted to be outdoors on this beautiful morning.

Contentment on a rainy day

All my windows are open. Good work, cool breezes, rain and a symphony of birds.


Beautiful vibes

Love waking up to birdsong. This time of year, it’s thrilling and lovely. Especially after an evening or morning rain.

See what I mean?

Bird-watching pleasure, right here in Ohio

Really looking forward to at least one day of this, The Biggest Week in American Birding. There’s something about watching and appreciating birds that digs one’s roots strongly into the firmament. And, it’s a peaceful past-time, too, with all kinds of benefits. This event brings in people from all over the world.

The south shore of Lake Erie: a big draw for birds and the people who love them.


It’s a beautiful world

Birds are one of God’s very best things.


In the morning

Birdsong is the first part of every sunrise. Come to think of it, could the sun rise without there being, somewhere in the world, at least a few birds singing? Don’t think so. With all that beautiful music being made, you’d think there’d be more attention paid to it. Even I, who love it, take it for granted. Don’t know, for example, which little guys are which and who sings what. Am aware, though, that they invite my heart right into their symphony where it rests, and rises.

Morning glories

The morning after a rain is so lovely, especially in an area dense with birds. It begins around 4:45, which suits me just fine. I enjoy watching the sun make its slow crawl upward and hearing the birds sing their glory with even the sound of water falling from laden branches making us keenly aware of the holy, the divine.