Favorite of my favorites

Saw Joan Baez again last evening, this time at Oakland University in Michigan. She was with Mary Chapin Carpenter and the Indigo Girls for their Four Voices tour. I believe this will always be my favorite of the songs she sings — and she wrote it, too.


Baez on Seeger: a tribute

joan and petejoanFrom Joan Baez, about her good pal, Pete Seeger:

When I was 15 years old, my aunt took me to a Pete Seeger concert. If her intention was to expose me to a more illuminating environment than that of a high school campus in a small town in Southern California, she succeeded.

The concert took, like a good vaccine.

From that moment forward, Pete helped shape my life both musically and politically.

I believe that courage is the most vital of human qualities, and that taking risks is essential to making serious social change. Pete courageously took the risks and paid the price. He remained a moral compass for this society through fiercely challenging times, with his music, his songs, and with enthusiastic perseverance.

He transformed his sword and shield into a banjo, and with it and his music, brought us as close to freedom as we may ever come.

“We’ll walk hand in hand,
Black and white together,
We shall live in peace,
We are not afraid,
We shall overcome, someday,
We shall overcome, someday.”

Now Pete can do what he never did much of in his lifetime. Put aside the banjo and rest with Toshi, down by the riverside.

Oh, happy day

Joan Baez, in concert. That voice, from 1965. Not sure what made me think of her this morning. Been a fan for a long, long time, though.

Still Joan

Joan Baez sang true and strong last night at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Though her voice hadn’t its usual range or power, her performance brought us to our feet and had us asking for more — twice. One of my favorite performances, right here on this little link.

Best voice, most amazing musical soul

This is the time of morning when the sun gently coaxes the living into wakefulness. The birds are on the edge of full-throated song and that they’re not there yet is a coyness Brother Sun will soon overcome.

Joan Baez was given a wonderful gift in her voice. I am so grateful she chose to share it with the world. And so lucky to be seeing her in November.