On the road again

Not talking Willie Nelson. Just new to Yoga (tried it years ago, actually, and quit because it hurt) and happily receiving suggestions. This video came from a friend. So glad because it’s perfect for where I am.

Pleased to be re-gaining flexibility, one (very short) step at a time.

Yoga and me

Trying Yoga for the first time in years. A Yoga Lite class, so-called, at the local YMCA. Did my mile swim this morning then stretched mightily in the warm pool. Then, off to Yoga, where I pushed, pulled and prodded to do all those sun salutations and warrior poses.

Flexibility is key. That’s all. No discussion. Get it done. Figuring looser muscles will be helpful during long swims.

And, the leg is healing, thank you very much.

Feeling great. My body was made to move.

Never too late

… to start practicing Yoga.

This morning was the beginning.

Any tips?

Play to the day

Laughing and playing help me jump into creativity. Making lists, setting goals, studying success — these are all fine. But the creative thing happens best when I loosen up, breathe, laugh, and play.

Just came back from Yoga class and swimming.

Great play to start the day!