Find a way

Her mantra during her epic swim: Find a way.

And, when things got tough, she’d imagine pushing Cuba back with one hand, and bringing Florida closer with another.

What a plan! It worked.

Diana Nyad’s CNN interview following her historic swim


Looks like Diana Nyad will achieve her dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida. So happy for her! She should arrive in the next couple of hours.

She’s an inspiration for swimmers, women, older people:

Never give up. Always think “yes.”

She has a dream

Diana Nyad is, right now, swimming from Cuba to Florida. Being a swimmer, I get it. Maybe not the ocean part. I prefer open water swims in the Great Lakes.

Big cheers for her — and for her huge heart and spirit! She’s in her mid-60s, and showing no signs of slowing down.

Go, fight, swim, Diana. Go, fight, swim.