What the snow does

The heart needs just a wee nudge to open itself to the beauty of winter. And, just-like-that, the focus is there:

On that tree branch holding its own bit of snow aloft so proudly and on that small bush whose winsome fronds seem somehow elevated in beauty’s history.

Reality comes, too, when there’s a driveway to shovel. I’ll be doing that now, while it’s still dark and quiet and lovely.

A winter hike

Two pairs of socks, two caps, two pairs of gloves, hiking poles, a thick wool sweater, a cotton turtleneck and a really good pair of Merrells. That’s what it took to get me outdoors today for a several miles’ hike. And, it was glorious.

Saw five deer, several squirrels, one gorgeous Blue Jay and maybe 20 geese swimming in the watery part of an otherwise frozen river.

Delighted to be outdoors on this beautiful morning.

On beauty

All beauty is restorative.

This time of year, with its blue skies and sunshine and all those glorious flowers, especially beautiful.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Live. Enjoy.

Beauty is the answer to every last thing

The night sky is giving way to a quiet riot of pink, yellow and blue. In my imagination, I am jumping ahead to when the sun hits mid-sky and drops diamonds on all this beautiful snow.

Yes, it’s minus 12 degrees. And, it will be a most amazing day. I appreciate a winter that flexes its muscles.

Beauty is the answer to every last thing.

Give me the dawn

It’s true. The morning holds a special energy. And, if I align myself with it, the rest of my day has a sort of expectancy about it that refreshes and enlivens me.

Delighted to be a morning gal.