Give me the dawn

It’s true. The morning holds a special energy. And, if I align myself with it, the rest of my day has a sort of expectancy about it that refreshes and enlivens me.

Delighted to be a morning gal.


In the morning

Birdsong is the first part of every sunrise. Come to think of it, could the sun rise without there being, somewhere in the world, at least a few birds singing? Don’t think so. With all that beautiful music being made, you’d think there’d be more attention paid to it. Even I, who love it, take it for granted. Don’t know, for example, which little guys are which and who sings what. Am aware, though, that they invite my heart right into their symphony where it rests, and rises.

Early riser

Love the early morning with its mist and birdsong and promise and hope.