It’s all work

… and it’s all GOOD! Enjoying pitching stories and providing content for websites and several social media accounts. Someone once said, “Work is a blessing.” It’s true.

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Rules for engagement

Social media = wonderful opportunities to cement relationships with customers and with people you want to attract to your business. Successfully engaging is far more about public relations than it is about technology, which indicates hiring people with great PR skills is key.  And, writing skills, too, are really, really important.

Simply put: hire a storyteller.


Make it real

Transparency used to be the litmus test of a good social media initiative. While it’s fine to hire someone to do your posts, be sure to get in there and engage with your followers: answer their questions, give them encouragement, thank them.

Without them, you likely wouldn’t be where you are. Realize, then, that your customers and those you want to attract as customers are the most important people on your social media pages and platforms.

Online, your business needs a dynamic presence

At least for business owners: Social media presents a temptation to look inward. Check your engagement on your social media channels. Are you listening? Are you responding? People go to your page because they like you. They stay because they can tell you like them. Listen. Respond. Have a conversation that’s not all you-you-you sharing your thoughts about your products and services. Look outward — and pull people in.

Achingly beautiful share on FB this morning

One of the things I love most about technology is that it allows prolific sharing of the beautiful. And, one of the things I love most about this little gem is the heart of the person who created it.

Content is queen — and king

Let’s say you have a business whose target market is people with an income of at least $150,000 a year. Presumably, your target market can read, write and speak the language with some clarity, accuracy and perhaps even zing.

If you want to reach them through your web site and social media efforts, you’d better be sure you’re punctuating and spelling correctly. You’d better be sure you have an ear for the language. You’d better be sure you can communicate at their level.

Punctuation matters. Spelling matters. Being able to move your personality into your online efforts is a skill we writers are happy to share.

Technology is just the tool. The rest is finesse, understanding, reaching out effectively and with a deep respect for your customers.

Hire a professional to help you attract and keep customers through your online efforts. Good content makes a difference.

Learning how to hold up the sky

Several a-ha! moments this morning during my Connext Nation class. Lifelong learner here — and learning that networking comprises a fairly complex set of skills has been eye-opening. If you’re in business, working for a business or thinking about starting a business, this class might just be for you. It’s been a delight — and a wonderful, engaging learning experience.

Social media musings

Been doing social media professionally for almost six years. For a social media position, I’d hire a journalist or public relations/communications professional over a person with a knack for technology, if I had to choose. I mention this only because when I talk with small business owners about their online presences and social media initiatives, they almost always defer to technology — and that’s so surprising to me because of the two, technology’s easier to teach, at least in the context of social media.