Water light, water bright

Hearing about the historic drought California’s experiencing has me thinking about fresh water, and this organization, which works to protect it. In my opinion, the Great Lakes are the most beautiful things in the world.

Some years ago, Foreign Affairs published a piece about wars being fought in this century over water. I hope not. But, it’s not hard to imagine.

The Great Lakes are alive and breathing. I hope they stay that way.

Wheat Freedom — Day 9

Happily wheat free, so far. Not terribly tempted to purchase the dense wheat bread that I (used to) love. Feels liberating.

A soft rain early this morning woke me up. Keenly aware of the benefits of living in an area that receives rain at least once a week. And, living near the Great Lakes is a gift.


Soft summer rain and I’m awake watching a Charlie Rose interview with artist James Turrell. He just said light behaves differently when we’re looking at it, which “almost imbues it with consciousness.” Thank God for artists. They tilt the universe just enough to make their vision accessible to the rest of us.

Surge for Water

Came across this organization, which looks to be doing a lot of good in areas of the world that lack water.

Have always appreciated living near the Great Lakes. Especially as a swimmer and lifelong lover of water. And have always been keenly aware that millions of people haven’t nearly the same access.

I will be checking out Surge for Water.

Perhaps you will be, too.