Good-bye, Mr. Leno

He said she’s the “best in the business.” She’s always been my favorite. Here, she sings “You” during one of Jay Leno’s last appearances as host of The Tonight Show.

Bonnie and Bo

So great, this collaboration between Bo Diddley and Bonnie Raitt.


This music just makes me smile

Great lyrics, great music. A singer for the ages, the fabulous Bonnie Raitt. This song wiped out the experience of having seen August: Osage County last night. Thank you, Bonnie!


For just one day…

I’d love to be Bonnie Raitt. 

Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy

If I could be anyone for one day, it would be Bonnie Raitt. Big, big fan here, yes. My brother made us wait for her after a concert in Ann Arbor several years ago. Not something I’d normally do. He took a picture of the two of us, me grinnng like a 10-year-old. Her songs are so rich — and that guitar playing — oye. Always appreciate, too, how she somehow works in a little gratitude for the black musicians who so richly informed her music over the years. Yep, for one day, if I could be anyone else, it would be Miss Bonnie. That voice.


Early morning consequential

Wide awake. Cicadas, too.

And, you?

Here’s the deal: Reading in bed is wonderful, until it makes you fall asleep two pages in, i.e. way-too-early.

Still wheat-free after 40 days.

The older I get, the more I like the color blue.

Gold cars always have slow drivers.

The Allman Brothers will always have my heart.

Jane, my 96-year-old friend, liked the BBQ chicken I took her yesterday. “I didn’t know you could cook,” was what she said by way of a compliment.

Mr. Cotter was a brilliant professor of English literature at John Carroll University when I was there. He was short, older and had a crew cut and a bit of a stutter. He was one of the wittiest, funniest people I’ve ever met. Died on the day we graduated, on his way to his flat in London. He wasn’t a sentimental man.

I love Shakespeare.

My father and I saw Carol Channing in “Hello Dolly,” and Yul Brenner in “The King and I” in NYC, May, 1978.

The train ride to Windsor is very pleasant.

You meet all kinds of people when you just travel a bit. Even famous ones.

I really love books.

There is something about poetry that captures essences. That’s not a poetic sentence — but it’s true.

Meaghan, Ben, Caroline, Anne, Ellen, Carolyn, Eric, Celia, Olivia, Connor and Addie are my daughter, nieces and nephews.

The Great Lakes are the world’s greatest anything.

Pete Seeger is still alive.

Russian history is full of people pretending to be other people.

My second toes are longer than my first.

I would love to be Bonnie Raitt for just one day.

You are very good to have read all this. I’m sorry there is no prize.

War and Peace is worth reading, too, and there’s a bigger payoff.

Manifest destiny

If someone were to show up to mow my lawn tomorrow, I wouldn’t be upset about it. Some things, in my view, are more fun than mowing: reading, watching babies play, not riding on the roller coasters at Cedar Point, listening to Bonnie Raitt, and swimming. Actually, the list of things that are more fun than mowing is pretty long. I wonder if it’s possible to manifest someone showing up tomorrow to mow my lawn. I will try it. You just never know.

That rascal Puff

Another lovely voice, silenced.

If I could be given any gift that I don’t have, it would be a spectacular singing voice. La-la-la! I can’t sing.

My mother had a beautiful soprano — I think — opera voice. My daughter got the voice as did a few of my lovely nieces.

I can’t sing — at all. In fact, on the last day of my high school freshman year, the choral society lady said to me, in a rather stern voice: “Katie, you’re not going to try out for next year, are you?”

It really wasn’t a question.

If I could be anyone for one day, a full 24 hours, it would be Bonnie Raitt. And I would let my long hair flow and I would dance — because I can’t do that either — and I would speak to my audience in my raspy voice and I would pay homage to Sippy Wallace and all the other black musicians who made it possible for me to do music.

That’s what Bonnie does. And if I were her for just one day, I’d do it, too.