Her reflections, only

Zadie Smith’s Love-Hate Letter to New York deserves many eyes and much reflection. That’s all I’ll say, because I really think you should read this.

I love Brain Pickings.


Facing life’s hard realities

Another brilliant nugget from Brain Pickings: “The inability to experience regret is a characteristic of sociopaths and those with brain damage. If you want to be fully human and fully humane, I think you want to learn to live with regret.”

Worth listening to, this engaging presentation by Kathryn Schultz.

Loving poetry

Brain Pickings is becoming my favorite Facebook find. 

Pings and zings

Love this site and FB presence. Brain Pickings is the brilliant creation of “Maria Popova, an interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large, who has also written for Wired UK, The New York Times, Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, and The Atlantic, among others, and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.” (from the webiste)

Pretty much count on it to provide pings to outlook and conscousness throughout each day.