His first birthday


“Once a baby, always a baby,” I tell him, though he’s nine months older than he is in this pic. He doesn’t care what I call him as long as he gets his scratchies and lovies and food and water. Icing on the cake if I throw wads of paper and his doll so he can fetch them.

Sweetest little being.

Shakespeare’s way with words

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, on this site.

In 1981, I attended summer school to catch up on some college credits. That was the summer Charles and Diana got married, but I was so into my Shakespeare class, I couldn’t be bothered to watch any of the wedding.

Wouldn’t have anyway, probably, but, still, I remember with what happiness I read Shakespeare’s plays and what joy I took in the way he uses words.

A captivating thought

More older Americans are signing up to volunteer abroad, according to this article, which says:

Applications for the Peace Corps from adults over 50 have spiked 44 percent in 2008 compared to 2007, driven largely by the weak economy and a campaign launched in 2007 to lure mature volunteers.

What a wonderful way to spend a couple of one’s later years.

Speaking of older adulthood, because I am a woman of at least some years, I was asked by a magazine’s editorial assistant to submit three of my “wants.”

I listed:

  • a kayak/bike rack
  • silk sheets
  • my college Shakespeare text with all of my notes scribbled in the margins

Most wonderful, wonderful and out of all hooping!

O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful! and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all hooping!”  My favorite Shakespeare quote comes from As You Like It.

And it’s how I feel today as the warm settles in — not exactly warm, but 40 degrees is certainly better at this point than 5 degrees.

I wonder how many people in the area visit Stratford, Ontario, for its fabulous Shakespeare Festival. The town is small, the river lovely and meandering. There are no hotdog stands, no cheesy t-shirt shops. The souvenir shops are quite nice. The B&Bs are convenient and various. The restaurants always delight.

It’s a great place to go — with a group of friends or with a most significant other. This year, though, I’d like to take my brother’s children.