Water wins


A Moses moment, if you’ll allow the reference

Had the best swim this morning: the water just moved out of my way.

Wasn’t any faster, and, maybe just a bit more efficient.


But something very nice was happening.



Early mornings win

I love getting up early to swim, followed by several hours of work, a short reading or walking break and then back to work.

The skies are getting ready. There will be rain tonight.

Yes to water

Beautiful swim this morning. Water was cool and pleasant, unlike afternoon pool water that’s been warmed by the sun. Just three other people there so we each had our own lane. Elena from Russia said, “Oh, you are here to swim this morning! It is beautiful, yes? Didn’t I tell you — oh, it is so beautiful in the morning!”

Among the people I thought about while swimming: my daughter, who is contemplating a return to school; my niece, who recently returned from Paris; her sister, who’s at soccer camp; her brother, who wants to move out west; my niece who’s moving to a new house with her new family; my nephew, whose son at age 3 is showing signs of musical precocity; my parents, who’ve been deceased for some years.

Swimming puts the pieces together.

Swimming to a peaceful place

Just did a short swim, but the old injury that was reinjured several weeks ago really flared up. I am going to have to start lifting weights to heal it again. I don’t want my arms to hurt while I swim so I will do anything I can to fix the problem. 

I have to swim.

Swimming is very meditative. Those of us who swam competitively as young people — and those of us who returned to it in later years — appreciate the need to move in the water.

If you’d like to read what some folks say about why they swim, click this link. It’s the United States Masters Swimming site, and if anybody gets swimming, they do. 

I swim because my body needs that movement. My soul, my mind, my heart do, too.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato

My grandmother’s pancakes

My grandmother’s pancakes ran circles around anything I ever ate after the very first time I ate them.

Except maybe Havarti cheese grilled on rye with a slice each of tomato and onion.

I just swam. And now I want to eat the world. Perhaps I’ll settle for a strawberry or two.

Swimming to the middle

I’ve always, always, always loved swimming. Can remember falling off a kickboard around the age of 3, sinking to the bottom of the pool and calmly waiting there until someone came to get me. No fear, no worries. Have always felt more at home in the water than on land, really. So, I’ve decided to get back into training. Though my competitive swimming days have been over for a while, I think it’s never too late to reclaim a passion. Mary-Kris has given me a swim practice to do — and I’m keeping at it. Today, though, I will celebrate the snow by skiing with pals at a local park.  And then tomorrow, back in the pool. How lucky I am.