Just pretty


By Christina White Photography

So pleased it’s fall.

Loveliness all around

In my life, I don’t remember a Fall as beautiful as this one.

One fine day

Just feeling happy to share that today where I live, the weather is all blue skies and sunshine. We’ve had lots of rain in the last several days, which is lovely and keeps things fresh and the rivers, streams and lakes full. Best of all, the leaves are beginning to change.

Autumn glory.

Those leaves, this day

Golden leaves and an angry sky fill my front windows this morning. And, I am warm, warm, and cozy with my cup of tea and honey, warm as I start the day’s work.

You may have the dusk. Give me the dawn, every time.

Lotta cheek

Cleaned the leaves from my yard yesterday, and last night all their aunts, uncles and cousins decided to join them by falling, falling, falling. “Kate, Kate!” they sang as I looked through my windows. And, then, “Na, na, na, boo, boo!”

Sassy and annoying as they are, they sure are pretty.