Wheat Freedom — Day 46

Yes, indeedy! It’s been 46 days since any food product made with wheat has passed my lips. Nothing down the hatch — and it’s starting to show. Here’s the coolest thing: My appetite is now normal. No more cravings! No more jumping from carb to sugar to carb. Weight loss: 15 pounds. I had been losing one-half pound a day, and it has slowed a bit. OK by me because it continues to come off.

How odd it is to have to remind myself to eat breakfast.

My toaster now lives in the pantry.

Thank you to Dr. William Davis, who wrote the book, “Wheat Belly,” which clued me in.

Looking forward to a lighter future!


Brownie slam

Even those Ghiradelli brownies last night didn’t get me to veer off my chosen, wheat-free path.

Those green beans sure were tasty, though.

Wheat Freedom — Day 30

Had I known then what I know now, I’d have given up all foods made with wheat years ago. Relieved and very glad to be free — wheat-free. What this abstention from wheat has done is decreased my appetite for sugar and carbohydrates.

Weight loss, so far: 11 pounds.

Wheat Freedom — Day 24

Not tempted, even after 24 days of wheat free living! Fabulous. More energy, better digestion, and an 11-lb. weight loss.

Wheat Freedom — Day 22

What I notice after three weeks of eating no wheat products: more energy, 10-lb. weight loss. Highly recommend the book “Wheat Belly” to others experiencing food cravings. Very grateful to my friend for letting me know about it.

And, thank you to my friend’s husband for building a new gate for my fence. Happiness resides in such generosity.

Wheat Freedom — Day 20

According to Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, one of the problems with wheat is that “gliadin-derived opiates bind to the opiate receptors of the human brain when anything made of wheat is consumed. This drives desire for carbohydrates, such as cookies and chips — not pork chops and cucumbers.” (From the Wheat Belly Facebook Page, by the way.)

I do know that I no longer experience cravings for sugar and carbs. Have lost 10 pounds in 20 days, so far.


Wheat Freedom — Day 19

Down almost 10 pounds in less than 20 days. A triumph for me, a woman who used to love bread. So thankful to have found what triggers my appetite — and really looking forward to regaining myself in this process.

Beautiful day kicked off by energetic meeting with young woman who’s interested in starting her own massage therapy business. It would be an honor and a lot of fun to help her market this new venture and communicate her message. Ready to fully employ my arsenal of marketing, social media, media relations capabilities to help her achieve her dreams.

Wheat freedom is giving me more energy, I do believe.

Reading another Michael Connelly book: The Reversal. He’s that good.

Wheat Freedom — Day 17

Going very well, my not eating anything made with wheat. Turned down bread with my salad yesterday with a resolute, “No, thank you.” When asked why, I told my friends about the book “Wheat Belly.” No need to get into it again. Just happy to have found what triggers my desire for sugar and carbs.

Read Michael Connelly’s “The Drop” this weekend. Fabulous. He’s a storyteller, that one.

Beautiful, sunny day. Looking forward to a good, long swim.