Word gloves

Fun gloves with words printed on them. Great gifts for the readers/writers in your life.

Maybe I’ll get a pair. Which words, though? I know. Mary Oliver’s.

The real eye candy

Just started The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg and wonder why I’ve not read her before now. Marvelous. This one’s about George Sand.

Also listening, while driving, to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Didn’t like Eat, Pray, Love. Really enjoyed The Signature of All Things. This one’s OK. Always interesting to hear creative people share how inspiration happens for them.

Minutes to read volumes

Honestly, there are so many fabulous books!! How to choose? Loved Jessie Burton’s The Miniaturist, just finished — and loved — Run You Down by Julia Dahl and am reading The War Reporter by Martin Fletcher.

Not enough time in the day and night.

He’s a storyteller

Brings Jack London to mind. A gem. Ride the Giant Wolf by Robert Wahl.