Speak it

Fabulous time doing social media for small businesses. More important than a knowledge of technology — because that can be easily taught — is public relations acumen.

Nothing new here. Reiteration can be powerful.


Yes to this and that

Signed another new client today. Smiling because this is going to be fun.

Looking forward to getting together with Anne tomorrow to talk about writing. Met her husband in a candy store and contacted her an hour later. Always fun meeting people who write for a living.

Nothing beats a Friday like a gig or two coming in the window.

New client rocks

Very excited to have signed a contract for a new client today. Major online marketing through the usual channels, media relations and other treats. These are a few of my favorite things, so I’m very pleased.

Best thing is, they’re going to be great to work with. I know it in my bones.

Spring is busting out all over — with new work, new vision, new beginnings. As it should be.


An ordinary day

Up early this morning answering messages, planning my day, waiting for the plumber to show up to install new first-floor toilet.

Good week ahead. Two meetings with individuals to talk about their marketing strategies. Until recently, I had no clue how vast the network of small business owners is and how far it reaches. These people do hold up the sky.