Another good winter read

Reading something by Michael Connelly right now. Another Bosch book. Spare and deliberate, his writing always engages me.

Telling you so you can find out for yourself just how good a storyteller MC is.

I brake for books

Finished Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict last night. Will start on a book by Harlan Coben this evening. These two are my current favorite crime fiction writers. Their lovable, self-deprecating protagonists keep me engaged, and their styles make storytelling seem effortless.

Picked up three fabulous books from a used bookstore in Ann Arbor last week: two by Carol Shields and one lovely book of poetry by Mary Oliver. These women will always be among my favorite writers. What Mary Oliver does with words is simply not of this world. Here’s one of my favorites: The Sun. When I read it, I think, “How did she know how I feel about the sun?”

She is magic.

And, books are a gift.

Choo-choo trains and Michael Connelly

Wide awake. Train sounds here, there and beyond. Not tired. Thought of taking up knitting a few days ago when this happened. Seems to me a good way to fall back to sleep — and, eventually, to end up with something cute and whimsical.

Choosing instead to resume reading Michael Connelly’s book _____________. Forgot the title. Book’s upstairs, next to my wide-awake pillow.

Not willing to retrieve the book, but, I can say this: Michael Connelly is a fabulous storyteller.

Wheat Freedom — Day 19

Down almost 10 pounds in less than 20 days. A triumph for me, a woman who used to love bread. So thankful to have found what triggers my appetite — and really looking forward to regaining myself in this process.

Beautiful day kicked off by energetic meeting with young woman who’s interested in starting her own massage therapy business. It would be an honor and a lot of fun to help her market this new venture and communicate her message. Ready to fully employ my arsenal of marketing, social media, media relations capabilities to help her achieve her dreams.

Wheat freedom is giving me more energy, I do believe.

Reading another Michael Connelly book: The Reversal. He’s that good.

Wheat Freedom — Day 17

Going very well, my not eating anything made with wheat. Turned down bread with my salad yesterday with a resolute, “No, thank you.” When asked why, I told my friends about the book “Wheat Belly.” No need to get into it again. Just happy to have found what triggers my desire for sugar and carbs.

Read Michael Connelly’s “The Drop” this weekend. Fabulous. He’s a storyteller, that one.

Beautiful, sunny day. Looking forward to a good, long swim.