Moving on

My neighbors love the water. Every summer, they travel by boat to the North Channel in Canada. Last year, they spent five months traveling through Lakes Michigan and Superior. Today, they’re holding a sale in the home they sold a month ago. They’re moving on and will live on their boat year-round in Florida.

“It’s so freeing,” Jan said. “We love getting rid of all this stuff.”

I bought a two-person tent, some beach towels, three books and some dishes for my niece.

I love the idea of divesting and living a minimalist life. Indeed, one of those tiny houses sounds very good to me. As does living on a boat year-round.




Just returned from a week on the North Channel. That mist in the morning hanging over the water. Those trees with hints of gold and red. This heart rising slowly to meet its joy.

Responding to beauty

Soft breezes. Cool evenings. Star-filled night skies. Cold water. A pile of books. Eagles, osprey, loons. Wild flowers, strawberries and blueberries. A long visit with old friends. That was my two weeks in Ontario.

My spirit responds to beauty. In nature. To be surrounded by water, trees and rocks in Canada is my idea, plain and simple, of heaven.

My favorite place

Returned from Canada on Sunday. It was the most glorious week. First time I ever went there alone and did wonder if it would be lonely or scary — many of the cabins are actually closed for the summer and the nearest neighbors are pretty far away. But it wasn’t — and I wasn’t, though the cabin makes sounds at night.

Day 1: Awoke to thunderstorms — wonderful! Built a fire, watched the storm from the front porch. Took a hot bath — really nice b/c there’s always a nice breeze coming in the window, just above the tub. Listened to CBC, read a bit, drove to St. Joe’s Island to see if there’d been any changes in the last year.
Day 2 through 8: Each day, I’d wake up and go outside around 6:30 to see what I could see, including beaver, mink, osprey, loons, hummingbirds, chipmunks — it’s teeming with life up there. The beaver and mink were a surprise — hadn’t seen any for years. The loons, too, have made a comeback. After watching the water and woods for a while, I’d build a fire — lovely stone fireplace — and fix breakfast. Then I’d turn on the CBC (like BBC only Canadian) take a bath and get dressed for kayaking, which I’d do for 4-5 hours. One trip was about 90 minutes away to a cabin designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The other trips were to islands and just around to look at the cabins. I love to do that b/c they’re so cool. On one trip, there were 3 loons that popped up near my kayak. They kept diving to try to get away but were going in the same direction I was. They finally stopped and let me look at them through binoculars. Then they got within about 5 ft. of me,  unbelievable b/c they’re the most amazing birds:  stark white and black with reddish eyes. When they started calling, which means they’re scared, I paddled away.
Back at the cabin, I’d listen to music, take a nap, read or write in my little nature journal. And I have to tell you my plan to read was waylaid, or at least adjusted! I took 18 books with me — and read none of them! I got hungry for Canadian writing — probably from listening to the CBC that first morning — so purchased books from a used bookstore on St. Joe’s Island. Decided to make a library of just Canadian authors.
So, that was my week — watching, observing, bathing, reading, kayaking, enjoying, listening to CBC and music. Also went to a sweet farmer’s market in Desbarats put on by the Mennonite community there.
It’s so beautiful up there. My favorite place.