The Great Lakes deserve great advocacy

The Alliance for the Great Lakes is doing wonderful work in the world. I appreciate that hard work. To me, the Great Lakes are the world’s best everything.

Bike for the water

Wonderful bike event for a great cause: The Great Lakes!

Hearing the birds on the second day of Spring is lovely. We’ve had a long — and quite beautiful — winter. Wouldn’t trade it. Big fan of sunshine, blue skies, cold temps and snow.

And, I’m looking forward to turning my face skyward to let the sun have its way with me.


Nobody asked me

But, I say, the Great Lakes are the world’s best everything.


Water light, water bright

Hearing about the historic drought California’s experiencing has me thinking about fresh water, and this organization, which works to protect it. In my opinion, the Great Lakes are the most beautiful things in the world.

Some years ago, Foreign Affairs published a piece about wars being fought in this century over water. I hope not. But, it’s not hard to imagine.

The Great Lakes are alive and breathing. I hope they stay that way.