Beauty can save the world

Holding close the North’s beauty as it nurtures and feeds and relaxes and uplifts. Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge, with its slow winds and tall grasses and wide variety of birds, is one of the most beautiful areas in the U.S. Took a walk there early this morning and then drove the long, winding road through the refuge to see what I could see: herons, geese, some birds I didn’t know, a skittering raccoon.

Stopped at the bookstore and bought five bookmarks, three postcards, a book by Kenn Kaufman and one pair of Kestrel earrings. Made a small donation to the refuge and called it a day.

This fall seems especially golden.


Silence, water, wilderness

Thank you, Amy and Dave Freeman, for your wild adventure and for speaking up loudly for this quiet place.

In pain? Get in the water

Swimming five days a week invites energy into my body, my world and my life. It’s meditative. It’s restorative. And, it’s healing my injured (from Levaquin, please note) left leg. Starting the day in the pool is the best way I know to prepare for a full day of productive, creative work.

Though I swim in a number of YMCA pools during the colder seasons, I benefit from living near the magnificent Great Lakes and all that pulsing, glowing energy.

Aware — and grateful.

Bike for the water

Wonderful bike event for a great cause: The Great Lakes!

Hearing the birds on the second day of Spring is lovely. We’ve had a long — and quite beautiful — winter. Wouldn’t trade it. Big fan of sunshine, blue skies, cold temps and snow.

And, I’m looking forward to turning my face skyward to let the sun have its way with me.


Nobody asked me

But, I say, the Great Lakes are the world’s best everything.



The Great Lakes.

Fresh water, awesomely made. Large winds. Sometimes quiet and still.

When swimming, I can see the sun slant into the water, in my line of vision, straight down and ahead.

Lucky to be living near them. Powerful energy. Worthy of respect.

A gift.

Rain, PD James and a happy Sunday

Will reward myself after about 3 hours of work this morning with 2 hours of reading one of PD James’ marvelous books. With windows open to the sound of a beautiful rain, I share this day’s joy with my trees, plants, the river and the Great Lake Erie.

Though glad we’re not yet to snow, I’m hoping for a lot this winter to replenish the lakes.

It all works.

Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine

We do appreciate our rain here in northwest Ohio. How lucky we are!

The Great Lakes, by the way, are the world’s very best things. I promise you — they are. If you don’t think so, it simply means you’ve not been to the north.

So, what are you waiting for?