Swimmers need a good fit

I love the chlorine-resistant, colorfast suits from Swimsuits for All. If you’re looking and love a good deal, check out the site.

A swim a day

LOVED my swim today. Focused, smooth, glorious. Though the water was a bit warm, it felt great.

Happy to be a water person. Fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of fresh water, too.

Water, water everywhere is just the way I like it.

Swimming for my life

Was back in the pool this morning to do an easy swim. Really grateful this pesky bronchitis bug is backing down. My swim gave me much joy, and I followed it with a wonderful 30 minutes in the warm pool.

Training for the Mighty Mac Swim, which is September 7.

Feeling motivated — and lucky.

A watery beginning

Very cold morning here, which didn’t prevent me from getting to the pool by 6:25. Swam a mile and then happily spent the next 90 minutes in the 92-degree therapy pool. First, to stretch and then — ah, bliss — to lead the Ai Chi (water Tai Chi) class.

Water is my favorite thing.

Pretty much, yes

Key my car. Steal my bike. Cut me off in traffic. If I’ve already done my swim, I’m cool.

New year, new goals

Just 11 miles from my 2014 swimming goal. So, the question is: By how much should I increase my goal for 2015? I really don’t know. Something tells me to double it. Go for broke, the whole enchilada. Not sure, though. True, the 2014 goal was kind of humble. But, it was actually the first time I’d ever set a mileage goal — so, I guess that counts for something. And, maybe making it reachable was a good idea.

Going for broke. Doubling my mileage goal for 2015.

Tooting my own horn. Kicking those handstands out of the park.

And, staying happily, happily in the water.

Truth is all blue

Key my car. Steal my bike. Cut me off in traffic. If I’ve already done my swim, I’m cool.

She has a dream

Diana Nyad is, right now, swimming from Cuba to Florida. Being a swimmer, I get it. Maybe not the ocean part. I prefer open water swims in the Great Lakes.

Big cheers for her — and for her huge heart and spirit! She’s in her mid-60s, and showing no signs of slowing down.

Go, fight, swim, Diana. Go, fight, swim.