Beauty in everything

Spring is the loveliest time of year. If you’re experiencing it now where you are, you know what I’m talking about.

Aren’t we lucky?

Abundant spring


Beauty and harmony

Spring is my bliss. Today we have rain. Yesterday we had glorious sun and just-the-right-kind of breezes, making a harmony throughout my house: birdsong, billowing lace curtains, sun wending in to slant onto my wood floors. I was delighted, I can tell you. I cut some flowers off a bush whose name I don’t know and put them in a Mason jar on my lovely wooden mantle. Nearly clapped my hands with glee. It’s already true: this is the prettiest Spring in history.

Beauty is the answer to every last thing.

It’s Spring!

Well, almost. The sun’s out. So, instead of spending time at my computer, I’m going to rake my yard of winter tendrils.

Looking forward to seeing this in a few weeks:


What the rain does

What rain does to the bark of a tree makes me think living in a very dry climate would be too much to ask. Those tree trunks standing there with no clothes on in the rain make me smile, quite simply.

If you like rain, too, and other manifestations of nature, you might enjoy Clyde’s blog. He loves the outdoors — and he’s pretty entertaining.