Making bad things turn good

Met this morning with the man who is teaching a class I’m taking on word-of-mouth marketing. Fascinated by his own story of having grown up in the mortuary business and finding his way through various losses to, ultimately, success.

His story fascinates me for a couple of reasons, including the fact that he figured out a way to turn a minus (losing his web site design job, owning and losing his cell phone business, finding himself in a huge amount of debt) into a plus by taking a Connext Nation class and starting a business. Now, he teaches a class on word-of-mouth marketing in addition to running his own debt relief business.

I like his spirit. I admire his heart. And, I feel I’m learning about word-of-mouth marketing from an expert.

Lucky me. Good lessons here.

Connecting the dots

Love, love making connections for people. Was able to do that today for a young man who is looking to grow his business. Also enjoyed meeting this morning with a large number of small business owners in the area. People do such amazing, creative things, including the woman who hired me to coach her in the writing of her book. What an interesting, wonderful project — she has a great story to share.

Reaching out

Got my first request for a consult following yesterday’s networking meeting. I enjoy helping business owners attract customers. I also enjoy helping people prepare their books for publication. Working with words is a delight!

Entrepreneurial love-fest

Business owners are great. I love hearing their stories about how they got started and what motivates them to continue. Looking forward to luncheon meeting today — more people, more stories, more opportunities.

Empathy is key

Without it, it’s not easy to assume the way clients think and how they feel. Get into their skin, and you’ll do a much better job helping them optimize their marketing opportunities, especially online, where real time is real growth.