Appreciating the view

One of the things I remember most about my mother is the way she appreciated her life. She knew she was lucky. She used to say, “I always wonder why I was born where I was born and into the family I was born in. Why wasn’t I born in Ethiopia?” or wherever the world’s most recent tragedy had played out. She was right to be aware of her good fortune. She was right to mark her days with gratitude. The sun is so bright today, glancing off the snow. It’s blinding.

One thought on “Appreciating the view

  1. It’s easy to feel guilty about being lucky… especially now.

    While I was traveling, I read a New Yorker review of a musician named Will Oldham. I don’t know anything about his music but he wrote a song named “Lie Down in the Light” and when the reviewer asked him about, he said, “It’s OK to accept good fortune.”

    I wanted to mention that somewhere and now, thanks to your blog, I have…

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