God help the Syrians

They are in hell.

If you’re inclined to pray, pray for them.

If your thing is energy, send them thoughts filled with light.

If you do Reiki, do it with them in mind.

Most of us can’t imagine these horrors.

We are chattering about our snow while holes are being burned in their psyches and hearts.

And, while their children are being raped.

God bless the Syrians. They are in hell.


Every little thing

Were I a citizen of Syria or Kenya, I’d be sad to know that in American news this morning are stories about lower fat french fries being served at Burger King.

Me, too, though. Me, too. Because, in fact, the happiest news to me every morning is the sun’s slow crawl in an amazing sky.

War and Peace

Where have all the peace activists gone? I hear very few expressions of concern over the U.S.’s pending involvement in Syria.

Does that mean Americans are ready for a third war?