My friend has wings

Profoundly moved by this question from my friend: “So, how did it go?” She was stepping into my car, her butt not even yet on the seat. We were headed to another friend’s for our should-be-weekly-but-isn’t-always meeting and I’d expected her to comment on having been told by her docs that her body couldn’t handle chemo or knowing she likely won’t be here in a year or trying to find something for the pain and maybe even for her swollen feet. But, no. She asked me, “How did it go?” And waited for me to answer and, when I didn’t answer thoroughly, asked me again.

She wasn’t deflecting. In fact, when we got to our friend’s, she calmly updated us on her medical situation.



In my opinion, aside from our Great Lake, this is Ohio’s best thing.


Water is life

Got in the pool this morning smiling because the water was cool. “This is going to be great,” I thought as I pushed off from the wall, trailing a bucket of tired from not having slept well.

It takes me about eight lengths to find the rhythm. Even then I’m not in what many people refer to as “The Zone.” If that comes at all, it’s at about #25 or so.

I’m not actually swimming that many lengths. Just a few miles a week, really. But something I’ve noticed recently is making me hopeful: my injured right shoulder is doing much better because of the strength training I’ve been doing a couple times a week.

It’s good to see results.

The Law of 3

Appreciating what I’m learning from reading Cynthia Bourgeault and Richard Rohr.

Big, big heart

This story’s in a league of its own.

Seems to me a necessary read

Cooperative Wisdom: aptly titled and perfect for the political — and other — divides in our lives.

GIF win

If you saw them on TV, you’d agree whoever did this, rocked it.