In deference



Favorite of my favorites

Saw Joan Baez again last evening, this time at Oakland University in Michigan. She was with Mary Chapin Carpenter and the Indigo Girls for their Four Voices tour. I believe this will always be my favorite of the songs she sings — and she wrote it, too.


A woman of substance

This Holocaust survivor did her best to help people suffering under unjust systems. Bless her warrior’s heart.

Some life-giving words about death

It’s going to happen to you and to me. His TEDx talk sheds some light.



“Success and failure, ultimately, have little to do with living the gospel. Jesus just stood with the outcasts until they were welcomed or until he was crucified — whichever came first.” — Fr. Gregory Boyle

The somewhat matter of words

“The beauty of the unconscious is that it knows a great deal, whether personal or collective, but it always knows that it does not know, cannot say, dares not try to prove or assert too strongly, because what it does know is that there is always more — and all words will fall short.” — Fr. Richard Rohr

Way to show ’em

“He is an example of the potential buried even in humanity’s most hopeless haunts, and a sobering reminder of how seldom it is mined.”

Reading about him made my day.