Witnessing oneness

This morning, very early, I saw two men walking down the hall at the Y. One was black, older, kind of short and the other was from an Arabic country (accent sounded Lebanese), tall, young, probably about 25 or so. They were walking side-by-side. The younger one said, very sweetly, “I want to thank you for helping me yesterday,” and handed the older one a food item he’d prepared for him. The older one said, gently, “Oh, you didn’t have to do that.” And the younger one said, “I very much appreciated your help, please take.” The older one said, “Thank you,” and they walked together to the gym.

You might wonder why I mention their colors. Me, too. Maybe because it occurred to me that both men are members of minorities with a history of understanding and supporting each other. Maybe because I love encountering people from different cultures and backgrounds, and often do at that Y.

Anyway, it was a sweet start to this pretty, rainy day.


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