Witness to wisdom

EARLY MORNING MEDITATIONS–A friend of my parents, who was with us when my father died, would say, years later and in various ways, “Katie, I knew IT ALL when I was 40. It’s so interesting that the older I get, the less I know. I think when I die, I’ll just be lying there with my hands open, realizing I know absolutely nothing!”


One thought on “Witness to wisdom

  1. Hi Kate — I keep trying to like your posts. And then WordPress makes me sign in. And even though I now used WordPress, it doesn’t recognize my name and password. Frustrating! Anyway, I’m now at home, so I know that I’m coming to Toledo very late on the 20th and not leaving until the following Tuesday. We really are going to get the house ready for sale, so I’m going to be getting rid of all kinds of stuff. You once said you thought MLK Kitchen for the Poor could use the freezer. Is that still true? Do they run any kind of childcare? I’ll be looking for a home for some toys too. We are having actual spring here. It was cold and wet for several weeks, and now there’s sunshine. Makes me realize that contrast matters. Same with deadlines. I hate meeting them (even though mine are mostly self-imposed) but I feel so good when I have met one! Can’t seem to get that exhilarated feeling without the misery. Anyway, the spring energy is flowing. Hoping all the tiny daffodils will be blooming when I get to Ohio! Carolyn Carolyn Jabs Co-Author, Cooperative Wisdom: Bringing People Together When Things Fall Apart

    http://www.facebook.com/cooperativewisdom/ _www.cooperativewisdom.org_ (http://www.cooperativewisdom.org/)

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