A luthier at work

I met Zach in Desbarats, Ontario, at Sustain Algoma Expo, where he was selling his beautiful guitars, cutting boards and art pieces. Here’s some information about Zach and his work.

Twenty-five-year-old luthier, Zachary Lefebvre, studied and apprenticed with world-renowned luthier Sergei de Jonge. While mastering each step of guitar making from rough-sawn lumber to the finished instruments, he realized he’d found a way to fuse his practical, musical and visual skills in a way that resulted in completely unique instruments. He established TreeHouse Guitars July 31, 2012, and his guitars were an immediate success.

Zach’s guitars have a reputation as instruments with wonderful tone and masterly construction. Every guitar is built with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on craftsmanship and superior sound. Each is designed to respond to the needs and the goals of the player and embellished with astonishing custom pyrographic wood burnings, whose artistry and design add a rich and distinctive element. These guitars are exceptional, singular instruments fulfilling to both the ear and eye — a pleasure to see, to hear and to play.

Zach currently designs, makes and embellishes his guitars full-time in his shop on St. Joseph Island, Ontario. For questions, further information, or to order a custom guitar, please visit the website or email Zach at zach@treehouseguitars.com.



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