Why I read her books

This is author Louise Penny’s post this morning on FB.

“Michael and I have started to meditate. Not long. About ten minutes a day. We’d done it about ten years ago, but then got out of the habit. But I thought it might help his dementia and God knows, I often feel fairly demented. So I got some guided meditation CD’s and everyday we sit quietly and ‘watch’ our breathing. For a nano-second. Mostly I end up watching his breathing, sneaking peaks, and wondering how much longer. And then I watch my breathing. And then I think about dinner, and Christmas, and winter tires, and then I watch my breathing. Michael seems to sail through it, absolutely calm and focussed. I think, for me, it’s like writing. A process that is worth the effort. And effort it is, for me. But for Michael meditation seems completely natural. And I find it calming to see that peace on his face, when, eyes closed, he focusses on his breathing.”


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