Yoga and me

Trying Yoga for the first time in years. A Yoga Lite class, so-called, at the local YMCA. Did my mile swim this morning then stretched mightily in the warm pool. Then, off to Yoga, where I pushed, pulled and prodded to do all those sun salutations and warrior poses.

Flexibility is key. That’s all. No discussion. Get it done. Figuring looser muscles will be helpful during long swims.

And, the leg is healing, thank you very much.

Feeling great. My body was made to move.


2 thoughts on “Yoga and me

  1. Inspiring! I feel such a sense of relief when I return to yoga after a long break. I’ve found it really helpful for my running, too – I can see how it would be beneficial for swimming.

    • I had never been a true practitioner of Yoga. Hoping to stick with it this time so I can ease into flexibility. Everything else is going well and that would just be icing on the cake, so to speak. Thank you! Good for you!

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