When cameraderie happens

Got together with three friends for a sleepover Saturday night. Watched Sense and Sensibility, ate chili and salad, talked ’til we laughed and cried and warmed our cold bones at the woodstove. For me, this little event marked the beginning of the winter season. And, it made me even more aware — not sure why — of time’s quick passage through each and every life.


2 thoughts on “When cameraderie happens

  1. I’m feeling that quick passage of time so keenly lately, probably because I’m so far from my adult daughters and aging Dad and, in my mid-50’s, I’m aware of my own aging and changes.

    Your Saturday night sounds delightful. I’m traveling to my US family in a week, and look forward to the connection, laughter, and warming of the spirit to start my winter season. Thank you for the words to express it.

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