Remembering all moms

My daughter and mother and aunts and grandmothers and niece and nephew’s wife and brothers’ wives — a Happy Mother’s Day to all! And, if you’ve never given birth, you’re included because you’ve influenced your nieces and nephews and the children of your friends. And, if you’ve lost a child, you haven’t — that child’s energy is right there with you, always.

Plant a tree or a flower today. And, lift your face to the sun.


2 thoughts on “Remembering all moms

  1. I agree that Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the mothers–the ones who are missing and the ones who are in the thick of things, the ones who have children clinging to their knees and the ones who love at a distance. And I love the idea of planting something because it’s a reminder that mothers may tend, but it’s children who do the growing.

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