Stormy weather

I love storms. Most of the time. When the lightning and thunder are not right on top of my house, for example, and I can feel their power from a distance.

Windows open, lace curtains dancing in the winds, rain echoing from metal gutters, thunder — it all makes for a lovely evening for reading, thinking, remembering.

Just now, I’m thinking back to a night in 1978, sleeping in sleeping bag on a porch in Cleveland Heights and hearing the birds chirping and knowing something good was happening in my life. And, feeling safe.

I love storms. They awaken, chide, remind, beckon.

In the middle of one just now and feeling safe.


4 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. I love the power and excitement of thunder storms! I don’t experience too many here in the west coast mountain area, and I MISS it. Your words are the perfect description of “stormy weather” emotions.

    • It was wonderful, Cindi. And, hearing the birds as the storm winds down is also quite lovely. Every part of the word has its enchantments.

  2. Yes, the fresh air after a rain is wonderful. Right now, am hearing the birds and a train in the distance. Lovely evening.

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