A man, a deer and some scary cold weather

Beautiful, true story that happened in the last couple days in Desbarats, Ontario. Reminded me of Christmas so am sharing it with you. F.M. shared it first, on Facebook — and Chris is her husband.

“Chris was crossing the lake in the hovercraft yesterday, when he noticed something out of place near the triple rocks north of Hat. Upon closer inspection, he discovered a young doe, curled up and trapped on the ice…. She was too heavy to lift into the hovercraft, and he wasn’t going to step out of it, as he didn’t know how thick it was. He didn’t want to leave the deer there for the eagles, or coyotes or wolves to savage, so he got creative! First he tried to blow it towards shore with the prop wash, but that didn’t work, so he used the side of the machine to nudge her towards Dawson Island. It worked! He gently pushed her, and she seemed to know he was trying to help her, and didn’t struggle. He got her into the grasses and she stood up and looked at him for a bit, and then bounded off into the woods! Let’s hope she makes it through the winter!”


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