A little wake-up music

Those tiny little pat-pat flutters against my windows woke me up this morning and, when I realized what was making the noise, I smiled, stretched and kicked the covers off to welcome the day.



4 thoughts on “A little wake-up music

    • Thank you, Cindi. Just little snippets to have a few samples of my writing for anyone who’s interested. Is Bergen in complete darkness yet? How many weeks/months does it last? Such a phenomenal city.

      • I think your marketing is perfect. 🙂

        And thank you for your question … it nudged me to finish a blog post about just that! We don’t have total darkness (nor midnight sun) in Bergen, but the shortest day of the year will have only five hours 45 minutes of daylight. I love it, and yes, I’ve been told I’m crazy. 🙂

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