He has a really, really long beard

My neighbor is the nicest person I have ever met. Got home and noticed he’d cleaned up a big pile of leaves near my garage. For no good reason.

“Tim!” I said as I got out of my car. “I’ve lived next to you for 9 years and haven’t done one thing for you in all that time. What the heck?”

“Not a big deal, Kate.”

We talked over our fence for about an hour after that. To be fair to me: He once told me he would accept nothing in thanks: not a bottle of wine, not a Christmas plate of cookies. Nothing. And, he also plows my driveway on a whim in the winter.

What do you do about a person like that?

Really. Today, I’m convinced angels are everywhere. With the sun shining, it’s just easier to see them.


2 thoughts on “He has a really, really long beard

  1. The professor is astonished! What is wrong with a very long beard? Merlin sports one himself and it is most fitting to him. A beard builds character. The longer the better. Don’t you think?

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