Broken links, WordPress?

I’ve tried several times in the last two days to post links, and they simply don’t show up when I click “preview” and “publish.” First time for this, and I don’t have a clue. So, if you happen my way and fall upon this SOS and can offer an insight, please do.

Thank you!

Here’s one of the links I’ve tried to post:


11 thoughts on “Broken links, WordPress?

  1. WordPress made some changes recently – my Widget page settings are different – maybe what you’re experiencing is part of the bugs that need to be worked out? I’ll try the link you recently posted to Body Works Wellness Studio here. Does that work?

      • It’s probably a bug with their changes from yesterday/today. I just tried it with my class/practice site and it worked, but that doesn’t mean anything if it’s not working for you! Can you try it in another browser (WordPress doesn’t always play nicely with Internet Explorer, for example) or, you can add the link manually through the Text tab (if you don’t know the code, the HTML should be in my last message, viewable on your Comments screen; you can substitute the links and the text as needed).

    • (I can take a look and see what’s happening from the visitor’s end … I’m a TA in online WordPress classes, so maybe I can figure it out and you won’t have to go through the hassle of contacting WordPress support.)

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