Wheat Freedom — Day 6

So far, no unmanageable yen for wheat products. Not even bread has made me drop my resolve. Granted, this is just the first week. Am hopeful, though, that soon, all desire for bread, crackers, cookies, pancakes, etc., will have been dealt with. According to cousin Chester, that’s all it takes — a few weeks of abstinence.

Again, I highly recommend “Wheat Belly.” The book’s an eye-opener.


2 thoughts on “Wheat Freedom — Day 6

  1. I’ve heard about this book and a couple of times looked through it in the store… So… basically you have to give up bread and other types of pastry? How about gluten free bread? Or bread made with rye flour – this one is healthy for you.

    • Yes, all wheat items are off limits. I hadn’t known before I read the book that wheat has a higher glycemic index than a can of soda. So for folks whose appetites are triggered by sugar, wheat is best left alone. And gluten free products are often made with corn starch, etc., so have a high GI, as well. The book lays out wheat’s negative side effects, none of which were familiar to me. The arguments are so convincing that I am off of it. And, this from someone who loves good, dense, whole wheat bread — and pancakes, cookies, pies, you name it. Eager to see the results a few weeks down the road. Thank you for commenting.

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