Love his books

Richard Rohr’s Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality is full of marvelous insights, in my opinion.

For example: “Slowly I have learned that it is holding things unreconciled that teaches us — leaving them partly unreconciled and without perfect closure or explanation.”

And, “… the gathering of contraries is, in fact, … the school of love.”

And “… we bear the ambiguity, the inconsistencies and the brokenness of all things, instead of insisting on dividing reality into the good guys and the bad guys. It is our ultimate act of solidarity with humanity.”

My understanding is limited, but I think I have gotten at least this far, with hands and heart wide open to receive: Certainty is not only impossible but undesirable. Life is chaotic, messy, imperfect, paradoxical.

For that reason, hope is a very good thing.

A gift.


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