Quebec City

This time of year makes me think north to Quebec City’s beautiful autumnal self. The only time I was there, I pretended I didn’t speak English b/c a friend had told me I’d be ridiculed for not speaking French. So I spoke Russian. And, yes, Russian was fine with the natives. Quebec City has water, trees, culture, beauty. It made me want to sit down and settle in.  I remember some beautiful sunflower fields — miles and miles and miles of them — in Manitoba some years ago and how wondrous that blue sky looked as a backdrop.


2 thoughts on “Quebec City

  1. Oh my, Kate, you’re speaking my language. I visited only once, about 20 years ago, but had the good fortune to be there during the winter carnival, when everything was extra magical. I don’t think any city in North America compares as favorably to the best of old European cities as QC. This reminds me that I need to go back soon.

  2. I have never been to Quebec city, but have always wanted to go. Reasons: because it must feel more “foreign” than rest of Canada and because it is such an old city and because people can ice skate on the canals in winter!
    Enjoy the autumn color.

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