Sunshine and Vitamin D

Vitamin D — 2,000 IUs a day plus a little sun does wonders for women of a certain age — i.e. my age.

My doc prescribed it — and it’s been very helpful. Here’s a link that talks about vitamin D deficiency, though I don’t suppose that’s of interest to everyone. I can say that some of my symptoms have dramatically decreased.

A young woman I work with was injured quite seriously in a car accident on her way home from work two days ago.

Last week, I told a co-worker that one thing I love about N. is that  she is able to move forward in her life despite some hard knocks. And then she herself said, “Yep, you can’t move backward in life.”

I admire her spirit, but I disagree with her on that point. It is possible to remain stuck — in grief, in sorrow, in loss, in just about anything that challenges those soft, reaching-up parts of the spirit.

That she is so young and so wise is quite touching. And it speaks so highly of her character.

She is just a couple of years younger than my daughter. I want to take her mother’s face in my hands and say, “I am so sorry this has happened to you, to your daughter.”


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