Let ’em fly

I believe what this man says about education in the U.S. is true.  And I commend all teachers strong enough to encourage children to fly.

One story: People told me 11-year-old Amy couldn’t spell, that she needed extra help. After observing her during spelling tests, I disagreed. So, for the next test, without making a big deal of it, I sent her to the library to take the test with just one person who would give her the words to spell. For several weeks in a row, that’s exactly what would happen: Each time the class took a test, Amy went to the library.

After several weeks of getting As and Bs and not even talking with her about why her grades were improving, I brought her back into the class with a very dismissive statement — “Amy, you can take your test in here today” — and she did. And she continued getting As and Bs.

The deal was that she had tremendous anxiety around taking tests. The anxiety ebbed with a little success in taking tests and not a whole lot of talk about it.


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