A colossal success

I was Really, Really, Really Happy to attend the 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) last weekend.  And, really, that’s an understatement. I could have done handsprings. Saw some absolutely wonderful movies as well as the little woman who attends the festival each year in the only way she can: on a gurney. I’ve seen her almost every year I’ve attended the festival, which has been since 1983.

She was breathing through a tube, which meant she’d take a breath, talk, take a breath, talk. Said she loves to talk with people who approach her — a good thing because, in fact, people approach her quite readily. She’s very sophisticated and prefers not to be called “the woman in the bed.” (See post from several days ago.) I did get her name this time but will honor her request to not use it here.

Another little note I have to add is to thank my friends Sean and Rysiek for putting me up yet again in their wonderful, cozy home in Slavic Village. I’ll stay with them this weekend, too. They’re completely delightful — and I take supplies, including food, to incline them even more in my favor.

If you’d like to see this year’s CIFF trailer, just click.

My favorite film last weekend was Cherry Blossoms. Also loved The Reckoning, a documentary about the International Criminal Court. Looking forward to seeing if those hold up after this weekend.


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