Thinking about guided imagery

I do believe that imaging is a valuable tool for just about anything. The summer after 8th grade, I took a typing class, which had to be interrupted for a hospital stay of one week. While in the hospital undergoing tests to find out why I was fainting, I would type words in my head, picturing the keyboard each time. When I returned  to class, it was as if I hadn’t missed any time at all. I was typing as fast — and in some cases faster — than the kids who’d been in class the whole week.

Staying Well with Guided Imagery, by Belleruth Naperstek, shows readers how to use the imagination for their own health and healing. I don’t know how effective it is for serious illnesses, but in general, I believe imaging can be quite powerful. And since I don’t mind sharing information, here’s a link with information about Naparstek’s work.


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